"Amazing. The Sonnets are technically proficient (no mean feat) and chock full of wit, wisdom, and delightful wordplay. If they know what they're doing, this should be picked up by the USGA or PGA or every member thereof. As I went from one poem to the next, I couldn't believe Hale would sustain the quality and fun in equal measure, but he pulled it off. Bravo!"
– Thomas Wm. Mayo
"James Long Hale writes a sonnet the way a skillful golfer plays, his backswing smooth and measured, his eyes on the ball. His highly enjoyable poems fill a need that American literature didn't know it had. Here you will find in well-wrought nutshells the game and all its lore: its historic beginnings in Scotland, wise counsel on how to play, on dress, on observing good manners. Even the golf widow is here, treated with sympathy. If Hale isn't exactly in a league with Keats or Milton as a sonneteer, he's a pro nevertheless. He must be poetry's equivalent of Tiger Woods."
– X.J. Kennedy
"This little book of verse is fun for both its faithful use of the poetic form and the wry humor of its content. All the golfer's friends are here, the equipment guru, tjhe swing doctor and the long-suffering golf widow. It is heartening to know that Mr. Hale dares ro publish the handicap golfer's view of the USGA rules – "The Rules are what the players say they are." Best of all, nowhere else will you find an accurate sand shot lesson in iambic pentameter. A worthy addition to a golf addict's book collection.
– Richard Hackett
"A golfer named Hale
Makes sonnets to sail
Like drive from the tee
Power and grace he
Form  humor finesse
Kip Hale is THE best."
- Daniel M. Meyers